Mt. Jasper

Estimated Time: 1-2 hours round-trip

Distance: 1.5 miles round-trip

Level: Moderate

Map: Click here to view a trail map of Mt. Jasper

Directions to the trailhead.

Mt. Jasper is a WONDERFUL hike for anyone looking to get out and get to a great view but doesn’t have time for a full day commitment. The hike is short with a couple of moderate uphill climbs and in less than an hour you can reach the rocky summit, which offers great views of the city of Berlin.

The trailhead for Mt. Jasper is located behind the Berlin Highschool on Willard St. in Berlin. Drive back through the parking lots and park just above the track. From here you should be able to see an ATV trail just to the right of the track fence. The trail begins just down this path on the far side of the kiosk. It is marked with a sign indicating the mileage and blue blazes.

The trail begins by climbing some rock steps. Shortly in, 2 small dirt paths merge from the right. Continue to follow the blue blazes. You will reach a small stream that flows down to the right of the trail. About a third of the way to the summit the trail crosses the Suicide Hill Snowmobile Trail. On the far side there are some wooden bog bridges to cross as well as another trail branching off on the right. Continue to follow the blazes and stay to the left at any unclear junctions.

After one more short uphill climb you will emerge on the rocky summit of Mt. Jasper. Be mindful that there are steep and dangerous cliffs. Children should be warned to not run around and rough-house on the summit! Looking south you will see the city of Berlin and the Dead River. Across the river is Mt. Jericho.

mt jasper

View from Mt. Jasper looking south

If you continue around the summit you can also get a very nice view looking to the northwest which includes more of the Dead River and the Kilkennys.

View from Mt. Jasper looking northwest

View from Mt. Jasper looking northwest