Coös County Events

There are other people in Coös County also trying to get active! Check out these links for upcoming events in the area:

  • NH Moves 90 Day Challenge – June 1st – August 31st; Can you be active for 20 minutes every day this summer? Click on the link to register and get your Passport, which will give you FREE access to most NH State Parks all summer long!
  • Shoot for the Moon! – Join North Country residents, schools, and organizations as we all try to walk the 238,000 miles to the moon! You can participate by joining Families Healthy Together for activities like walks or hikes, or by tallying your mileage on your own. Use this Walking Log to keep track of how far you walk and we will submit your mileage each month! Need a pedometer to keep track? Contact Us and we’ll help you out!
  • Walk NH – Year-round, start any time!


walknh poster