Activity Ideas

Getting active doesn’t have to mean going on a walk or a hike. There are many other ways to get active and get outside at the same time. We’ve compiled a list of fun and easy activities that you can do in your own backyard or your neighborhood park! Enjoy and have fun outside!

Activities for Children (and their parents!)

Go on a bug hunt

Go on a picniced fenn afterschool fort

Plan a treasure hunt

Make a fairy house or gnome home

Play hopscotch

Play catch or frisbee

Be a nature detective

Make a nature collage

Climb a tree

Collect leaves and make a scrapbook

Go to the park and play in the playgroundboat 2

Build a fort

Roll down a hill


Host a neighborhood Olympics

Go on a sound safari

Links to Even More Activities

CLIF Kid Backyard Games of the Year

These aren’t all specifically outside activities, but they will help you unplug for a bit!