FHT Nutrition Education Series


The Families Healthy Together Nutrition Education Series is a free course that is offered three to four times each calendar year. The series consists of 4 consecutive classes, each 2 hours long. Families are expected to attend all 4 classes in the series.

Each class is broken up into 2 sections. During the first hour parents and their children will NutEd3be separated (very young children <5 years old are welcome to stay with parents). Parents will remain in the classroom and be taught current information on proper nutrition from Nutrition Specialist Heidi Barker. Lessons will cover topics such as label reading, portion sizes, shopping strategies, menu planning and NH’s 5-2-1-0 curriculum. Meanwhile, children will accompany FHT’s Activity Coordinator Rachel Freierman outside where they will play active games that also teach about nutrition, specifically following the 5-2-1-0 curriculum.

Nut. Ed Chopping 2During the second hour of the course, everyone will meet back in the classroom and the focus will switch to cooking. Cooking meals at home and using raw ingredients, particularly fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is a great starting point for eating healthy. Families will learn about kitchen safety, food safety, knife skills, and other cooking techniques such as sauteing as they work together to prepare healthy and delicious meals. Children will actively take part in the cooking and will build confidence in their own skills. At the end of each class all of the families will sit down to eat the meal together. Families will then get to take home a bag of groceries to replicate the meal on their own, or to create something else using the same ingredients!

The only requirement for signing up is that families must have at least one child ages 5-11 who participates in the class. Most class series take place at the Berlin High School.

Next Nutrition Education Series

The next series will be held at the Berlin High School on the following dates:

  • Thursday, October 1st 4:45-7:15 pm
  • Thursday, October 8th 4:45-7:15 pm
  • Thursday, October 15th 4:45-7:15 pm
  • Thursday, October 22nd 4:45-7:15 pm

There is still space available in this session. To sign up please Contact Us!

Nutrition Specialist Heidi Barker

Heidi Barker is the head teacher, organizer, and planner for the Families Healthy Together NutritionHeidi Teaching Education Series. As the Program Coordinator for Youth & Family/Nutrition Connections and the Extension Field Specialist for Youth & Family at the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, she has a great deal of experience working with both families in the region and young children in the Coos and Grafton County School Districts. She holds a Teacher Certification in Health Education as well as a Masters of Educational Leadership. Her specialties include:

  • Instructing families on how to plan healthy meals
  • Providing guidance on shopping strategies to make healthy food affordable
  • Helping families adopt and develop healthy eating habits
  • Emphasizing the importance of physical fitness
  • Teaching safe cooking and food handling skills
  • Promoting and teaching about nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices