About Us

Families Healthy Together: Active & Eating Smart is a project in New Hampshire’s Coös County that is working with families to improve lifestyle health and wellness in the area. Improved lifestyle health means  getting active on a daily basis, making healthy eating choices and eating meals as a family, and spending less time indoors in front of screens and more time outside. As a program we are providing education on nutrition and healthy cooking practices and leading organized outdoor activity for the families that are participating.

This website is meant to serve not only as a resource for participants of Families Healthy Together, but also for other families and individuals living in Coös County who are working towards leading healthier lives.

Families Healthy Together is a collaborative project between Coös County Family Health Services, UNH Cooperative Extension, and the Appalachian Mountain Club. The program is funded in large part by the Neil & Louise Tillotson Fund.