Square Ledge

Estimated Time: 1-2 hours round-trip

Distance: 1 mile round-trip

Level: Moderate

Directions to the Trailhead

Square Ledge is a short hike to a fantastic view. You can see the ledge quite clearly across the street from the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center where you will park. The trail begins the same as the route to Lost Pond. You will pass through a boggy area and then cross a bridge from where you can see signs of beaver activity. After crossing the bridge turn right and almost immediately you will reach a junction. Here the trail to Square Ledge turns left. Be sure to stop at Ladies Lookout which is accessed by a short side trail. As you continue up the trail, be on the lookout for Hangover Rock – a massive rock that overhangs the trail and provides a nice shelter during rainy days.

Shortly after Hangover Rock you will emerge from the forest at the base of Square Ledge. Sometimes there will be rock climbers gathered here and you can watch as they scale the face of the cliff. Continue following the trail to the right up a short but steep section. The view from square ledge is quite stunning and on a calm day it can be a wonderful place to eat lunch or enjoy a snack. Be mindful of children and where you are sitting – Square Ledge is a large cliff with a very significant drop-off.


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